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GTM Motors is a family owned dealership. We are a leading car dealership and stock a wide selection of both new and used vehicles.

We have a teamof highly trained mechanics and technicians who will ensure your car is given the attention it needs, using high quality manufacturer approved parts and products.

If you are interested in servicing your vehicle from as little as €99, please call us now or simply fill out our service book form. If you are looking to maintain the performance of your vehicle, please check out some of our tips listed below.

Car Maintenance Tips


  1. Always know correct pressure of your tyre and check regularly. Look out for slow punctures/ cracked walls and keepan eye on treading.
  2. Always keep a spare wheel in your vehicle.


  1. If you have bought a used car. Check that the toolkit is not missing anything. Ensure your jack is working correctly and you have all tools to replace a tyre.
  2. Important: Some cars have separate locking wheel nuts fitted, make sure you have necessary tools to remove these.

Engine Oil

  1. Engine oil should be checked every two weeks to ensure high performance. Some cars use more oil than others, however if you are consuming large amounts of oil it might be an early sign of an engine problem.
  2. Your oil and filter should be changed at every service.


  1. Use antifreeze to prevent corrosion inside the cooling system as well as preventing the coolant freezing.
  2. When topping up your coolant ensure the engine is cold.

Windscreen & Wipers

  1. Check regularly for cracks and chips and ensure repair is carried out by a trained specialist.
  2. Replace wiper blades yearly.


  1. Check & clean all lights regularly. Don’t forget indicators, brake and fog lights.